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Our Helpline has been a source of support for parents and professionals since the organisation was founded in 1995. A lifeline for parents when they are at their wits end and needing a knowledgeable person to listen, provide information, and signpost them to further help if required.

     "Our motto is “We’re here to help – all you have to do is ask.”



Our leaflets ‘Understanding ADHD’, ‘Adults with ADHD’, and ‘Guidelines for Schools’ provide overviews of ADHD relative to their purpose with strategies for managing, coping, and changing negative or ineffective practices. Our folded leaflet gives brief details of ADHD and the services we can provide. Copies of our leaflets – please note these are copyrighted – are available on request. Other leaflets and fact sheets can be downloaded from the links provided and websites listed on the various pages.​

Lancashire and South Cumbria

Family Support

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In areas where we have been commissioned we are able to offer a range of services including: online and 1:1 consultancy with parents to provide information, guidance, and Support. Our whole family approach is tailored to meet each family’s individually identified difficulties and needs. Advocacy and emotional support is often provided for school issues, case meetings, and clinic appointments.


Parenting Course online Zoom

Zoom call

Designed to meet the needs of parents of children who are diagnosed or in assessment for ADHD.

This online programme is extremely successful and allows us to reach a larger group of parents, who live within our commissioned areas. (East / West Lancashire, Blackburn with Darwen and Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre)

If you live within the commissioned areas, we would like to invite you to attend the course, meet members of our team and learn and understand how to manage your child’s ADHD.

The course has a step-by-step approach which we build on each session.

If you are a parent and wish to attend, please complete the registration form by clicking on the image below and emailing it to

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