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                         Sleep Issues

Many children and adults with ADHD, particularly those affected by hyperactivity (busy body and busy brain) have sleeping difficulties. Mainly with falling asleep but, in some cases, staying asleep for a restorative length of time. Even moderate sleep deprivation — losing less than one hour per night of sleep — can affect the academic performance of children with ADHD. 


Creating a consistent sleep routine and environment can help but for parents of children with ADHD structuring bedtime can be a constant struggle. Tiredness will exacerbate the symptoms of ADHD and affect their daily life.

If sleep issues are causing a problem it is important to seek advice from a professional with experience in sleep hygiene.


For Children:

Teenagers and Adults



“Thank you so very much I feel I’ve had an angel sent into my life with you guys.”

“Very important, very valuable. Prior to the course you feel isolated without support. Thankyou ADHD North West, an excellent course and valuable lifelong skills learnt.”

“It sounded too good to be true and too simple then. It is so simple yet so effective. Can’t believe it works.”

“I was open to any strategies that would help manage my son’s challenges. I feel EMPOWERED now. I feel positive – I see ADHD as a positive trait!”

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